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We will update this website with all information and decisions from the Parish Council. Meeting minutes and Agendas will be available to be viewed online.

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If you want to inform the council or request anything from the council, please contact the clerk by email:



The Parish Council holds a meeting once a month at the Currently these are being held at Tideswell St John's Institute in the upstairs room.

The meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of each month.

Welcome to Tideswell Parish Council Website

Tideswell Parish Council

Parish Council Office is at Tideswell Sports Complex

As there is no postbox please send all post to
Sunnyside Cottage, Gill Lane, Darley Dale DE4 2HH

TEL: 07738076902

Parish Clerk is Hannah Owen


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Welcome to Tideswell Parish Council Website

You can contact the Clerk, who will be happy to answer any questions, by emailing